CIgar Bands and smokind accessoriesWelcome to the IL Cigar Club. We are currently finishing the site, so please be patient for what is about to come. We want to be a cigar review site and club / meeting place for cigar smokers around the world, but also to be able to host events for our local followers (and whoever would be willing to travel for such events)!

7-15-2013 : After being gone for a while lost in a haze of work and not smoke, we are BACK! Events will start happening soon, more than likely when the weather cools down. Use the contact link to let us know of a time you would like to see an event, even if it’s just a “big smoke”

We will be reviewing MANY different brands, and of course sticking to our favorites as well. We like a huge variety of premium cigars right down to “yard gars” .

Cigar Smoke

Our goal is to bring a community of people together, review your favorites (we will take requests), give our honest opinion on what we like / don’t like, and to be able to bring events such as BBQ’s, local organized events and so forth for the cigar smoker!

So again, please be patient as we finish the site, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Please feel free to go ahead and send in cigar review requests as we finish our site!

Until then, keep on smokin’ !