I love Carlos Torano cigars, and more importantly the Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon! I am a huge cameroon wrapper fan (it is #2 on my list of wrappers, right underneath Ecuadorian Sumatra) and I love the sweetness it tends to bring to the table. I could name a LONG list of cameroon wrapped cigars I love, but I will just review them instead! Anyway, this is a great cigar, so let’s get to it shall we?

Carlos Torano

Origin : Nicaragua
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 1/2 x 52
Wrapper : Cameroon
Filler : Honduras, Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Size : Robusto (5.5″ x 52)

Available from Cigars International for $103.95 a box of 25



The Carlos Torano – 1916 Cameroon was introduced in 2003 to commemorate Don Santiago Torano’s emigration from Spain to Cuba. It is hand-made in Esteli, Nicaragua in four vitollas: Robusto (5.5″ x 52), Corona (5.5″ x 42), Torpedo (6.5″ x 54), and Churchill (7″ x 48); each of which are cellos with a thin cedar wrapping. The capa is Nicaraguan grown Cameroon, the capote is Havana-seed Nicaraguan, and the tripa is a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan. Torano describes the 1916 Cameroon as being a, “slow burning, well balanced, medium body cigar with distinctive hints of pepper, caramel, nuts, and sweet spice with a long, smooth finish.


Appearance & Construction: This is a very attractive cigar. The band is classy and the cigar is well constructed with no soft spots. Very well built, very light veins, toothy and oily.

Smoking & Burning Characteristics: The draw was nice and easy, with just the right amount of resistance resulting in plumes of smoke. The burn is mostly straight, but required a touchup. The ash was somewhat flakey, and didn’t hold very well, not sure why, but most of the others i tried held very well.

Flavors / Aroma:  Prelight aroma was sweet, cedary taste on cold draw,  sweet cedary smell, also smell was reminiscent of tea bags.

1/3 starts out slightly peppery, tingling the tongue and the back of the throat, not a whole lot, but enough for enjoyment. Woodsy taste, some hints of toast , maybe even some floral hints? They didn’t last long. Picked up DEFINITE hint of coffee, smelled like someone opened a can of coffee close by,  blasted me right in the nose!

2/3 Spice / pepper mellowed out, still present, but mellowed, woodsy flavor still present, coffee is gone, but cedar is getting stronger. Floral hints still popping in and out, toast all but gone.

final 3rd mostly same as 2/3 no real change except it REALLY mellowed and was even more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts: This is a great cigar from a great cigar manufacturer! I haven’t had everything in the Torano line, but this cigar will make you want to try them all. Overall really enjoyable relaxing smoke, not TOO expensive, but definitely worth their asking price. Not really overly complex, but as I said, VERY enjoyable!

Worth a Try: Yes
Buy Again: Absolutely, I just bought another box yesterday!
Enjoyablitiy: Very Enjoyable